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"kum" Turquoise and keshi pearl necklace

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This necklace is threaded with expressive blue turquoise, tiny keshi pearls, and subdued blue yarn.
From knitting to finishing, each minute detail is made by hand.
This product is the result of the delicate work.
The semi-matte gold button has been polished along the edge to give it an occasional shine, and the backside has been stamped with the brand’s seal.

*Since keshi pearls are very delicate, please refrain from wearing it when you sweat profusely, take a bath (at home or in a hot spring), or go swimming.

*Please be sure to prevent the product being caught on anything in any manner that could break it.

*This product will be dispatched within 4 days after your order.



Mサイズ:全長 93cm

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