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"doğa" Sleeping beauty turquoise earrings

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The one-of-a-kind collection from "doğa" is made with precious or semi-precious stones that have individual beauties created by nature.
This set of clip-on earrings is made with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which was mined in Sleeping Beauty mine and is regarded as one of the best beautiful turquoise in the world.
The mine was closed in 2012 and the value of turquoise from this mountain has risen more and more.
This stone has a very beautiful look thanks to its attractive natural hue, like a clear blue sky, without any dyeing treatment.
The bezel around the stone is made as low as possible in order to enhance its volume.
The backside has been stamped with the brand’s seal.

*Since turquoise is weak to acid, please refrain from wearing it when you sweat profusely, take a bath (at home or in a hot spring), or go swimming.

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18kYG, 18kWG, Turquoise 0.71g/0.74g

Height 1.4cm, Width 1.3cm