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"dans" Emerald and pearl bird charm

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This charm depicts birds flying like dancing freely in the sky.
The body is made of beautifully shiny, unshaped Tahitian Keshi pearl. The rich black color of the pearls, also known as Black Butterfly pearls, draws you in.
White diamonds are set as their eyes, and wings are made of pearl and emerald.
The birds are small and cute, but each part of the charm is individually embedded in the pearl, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Each bird has a unique and adorable look.

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*This charm is sold by a piece. Please enjoy it with our earring bases, earclip bases or a necklace chain.

*This is a delicate product, so please be careful not to take it off by force and to avoid strong impacts.

*This piece is designed to be worn with our original earring base or necklace chain. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage when used with other items.


18kYG, Diamond, Tahiti Keshi pearl, Akoya pearl, Keshi pearl, Emerald

Height approx. 2cm (From jumpring to toe)

Dance with birds

In the early spring, our designer was often looking through art books. When she was flipping through one of them, a photograph of an ethnic group caught her eye.

The photo depicted their life style of shamanism, in which they dress up beautifully with natural tree branches, snail shells, and bird feathers and communicate with spirits in a trance state.

With unique patterns painted on their faces and beautiful colorful bird feathers on their ears like earrings, the figures have a fantastic atmosphere as if they themselves are spirits.

She wanted to create a design with a bird motif after seeing the photo of the tribe persons who are about to fly away like birds. Then, this design was born.

She created these imaginary birds by using various colors of natural stones, which make us feel happy just by looking at them.

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