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"çiçek" Interlocking double ring -Arabesque-

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This is a double ring with arabesque botanical patterns engraved in white gold by Japanese engraving.

The original arabesque pattern is the same as the popular "çiçek" White gold botanical earrings and Botanical signet ring, and has a dynamic appearance filled with the charm of Japanese engraving.
The engraved white gold initially sparkles and glitters, and eventually acquires a smoky color.

【Delivery】 Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before delivery due to made-to-order production.

【Note】This ring is thicker than the "çiçek" Interlocking double ring -Laurel & diamond-. You can compare the difference in thickness in the last picture.



【Width of a band】4.3mm
【Width of double bands when wearing】8.5mm

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