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"bouquet" Hand engraved pink sapphire ring

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A flower bouquet in my heart.

Pink sapphires are highly valued among fancy sapphires which are naturally colored. Since there are almost no inclusions and the transparency is high, several gorgeous sparkles, called "fire" appear in the gem when it catches the light.

The sapphire is sourced from a father and son jeweler in Sri Lanka, who follows traditional methods and carries out the entire process from mining to polishing.

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is also known as the jewel of kings and has been worn as a talisman by nobles and royalty since ancient times.
It is a gemstone that has been valued by many countries and various religions, such as worn by the Jewish high priests or by cardinals as an emblem of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

It is also said to represent conscience, divine contemplation, hope, courage, and purity.

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18kYG, Pink sapphire (2.18cts)

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