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Hand engraved sunstone ring

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A flower bouquet in my heart.

This ring is made with a beautiful sunstone that has a perfect gradation, resembling a flower bouquet.

Likening the sunstone to a flower and the head to leaves and a stem, we decorate this ring with a botanical pattern.

Sunstone is also known as “heliolite,” which means “sun stone” in Greek. This design is perfect for the glittering appearance of the sunstone as if the sun light is trapped inside, as its name suggests.

The pattern is precisely engraved by Japanese “WABORI” engraving, our signature skill.

The way our artisan engraved it in a very limited space adjacent to the gem all at once is definitely the highest level of craftsmanship.

The larger hole underneath the gem emphasizes the clarity of this sunstone. In addition, the shank was designed to be thicker to match the gem's volume.

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*The size of this ring is JP size 12. In case you wish to change the size, please choose a size option. Available range is indicated.

Ring size chart


18kYG, Sunstone (3.94ct)

【Head】Width 1.3cm, Height 1.0cm, Thickness 0.7cm
【Shank】Thickness 1.8mm

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