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"ay" Pearl code necklace

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This colorful necklace is inspired by the Moon.
A wide variety of color threads are woven in to express the subtle tone, namely one color consists some color threads.
Because each pearl is individually embroidered, it takes a long time to create this necklace, and it is a very unique piece of jewelry.
The semi-matte gold button has been polished along the edge to give it an occasional shine, and the backside has been stamped with the brand’s seal.

*Please note that every product may be slightly different from each other as they are made by hand.

*Since coral is weak to acid, please refrain from wearing it when you sweat profusely, take a bath (at home or in a hot spring), or go swimming.


18kYG, Keshi pearl, Silk, Polyester, Nylon

Length 42cm

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