Muska's policy

All the jewelry pieces of muska is made of 18-karat yellow gold, because we hope you will wear our jewelry for a long time in your daily life.
We believe that the 18k gold is the best material for "your little partner" because of its durability and lower allergenicity.

Our natural stones are found in foreign countries by our designer. Selected based on muska's aesthetic, these stones have distinctive features, and the beauties in each uniqueness are their charms.
They are polished by Japanese lapidaries after she brings them to Japan. By being polished, the unique beauties become more sophisticated.

In the beginning, muska was started by the designer alone. In the history, however, she have met team-mates who empathize with her philosophy.
To convert muska's jewelry design to real products, skilled craftsmen who are well versed in Japanese traditional metalwork are necessary. Their craftsmanship are shown in the brilliance of the edge surrounding the precious stone of a ring, detailed engraving pattern and so on.

Muska's jewelry are made with the following values:

  • We create jewelry carefully in an environment where we can see the faces of craftsmen, manufacturers or suppliers from stocking to finishing of our products while today is still the age of mass production.
  • We produce a long-lasting product by following our inspiration - not the established rule of the fashion industry for encouraging consumption - and elaborating with small but highly skilled team.
  • We believe our products have happy energy since we made them with love.