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"Minerals grow, Plants grow and live, Animals grow, live, and have feeling."
Carl Linnaeus, Systema Naturae

Since ancient times, minerals have been regarded as an important element of nature.
It has been believed that the origin of jewelry might be objects which were around the ancient people and were wore as talismans by them.
The ancient people, who embed in nature, adorned themselves with stones, trees, animal bones and so on, and might have gotten a sense of being protected in the connection with the universe.

Minerals are generated over a long period of time as a result of the accumulation of various factors, and finally they arrive to us as gems.
Every natural stone never have the same appearance and it is a miracle of nature.

We just enhance each character of the stone we discover, to make it the most beautiful and long-lasting piece of jewelry you will ever enjoy.
At The Sixth Night muska jewelry in Tokyo, we take an order for one-of-a-kind piece with a loose you choose. Choose your particle the universe generated.

The iconic stones of muska

Trapiche stones

"Trapiche" is a Spanish word that means "sugar cane mill" or "olive press." Trapiche stones are named after the word since the pattern on them looks like a gear of these mills.
Trapiche stones show their unique six-rayed spoke patterns. This pattern can be seen in many types of stones, such as rubies and sapphires. However, gemstones of this pattern are rare, moreover, it's hard to find beautiful one.
The pattern consists of carbon, therefore the cross section sometime may look rough.
Our designer is very fascinated by the elegance of trapiche sapphires and emerald. Even though the volume of the production is limited due to their rarity, we have made them jewelry pieces little by little since the beginning of the brand.
Trapiche sapphires have a wide range of color such as dark blue, pale graysh tone, yellow and so on.
Trapiche emeralds also come in various shades of color, and we mainly prefer clear beautiful green like fresh grass.

Star sapphire

Star sapphires exhibit a star-like pattern on them. It is caused by inclusions of needle-like crystals of rutile which are intersecting in three directions, and is called "asterism."
We adopt star rubies and sapphires for the element of "yıldız" which means star in Turkish.
Of course, the star should be clear and sharp, but we also prize the beautiful look even when the star is not appeared.
The natural marble-like pattern of shades are completely one and only. In addition, polishing is required to make the star bright.
Its enchantment is escalated to the highest degree by being polished by Japanese skilled craftsmen again after we bring it back.

Unheated sapphire

In the process of transforming a natural stone into a gemstone, various treatments are sometimes done in order to increase its durability or improve its color. Heat treatment is a method to change or homogenize the color of a natural stone by heating the stone.
However, we prize a natural beautiful coloration of unheated sapphires, therefore we adopt them for the element of "yedi," which means rainbow in Turkish.
Unheated bicolor sapphires are rare and wonderful, and we are always amazed by the variation of sapphire's colors.


Opals that look like pieces of a planet.
When the light hits, they show numerous faces due to their play-of-color that shines like northern lights.
A jeweler who deals outstanding opals is in Australia. The stones were so beautiful that I asked why your opals were so wonderful. They proudly introduced me to the old man sitting in the back.
He said that he can find out, at a glance, where to cut to make a opal most attractive.
Our collection of opals have become like the infinite universe thanks to them.