Care Instruction

Jewelry is made of delicate materials and construction. Please remove the jewelry after going out and let it rest for a long time.

1) Products made of gold

We finish our jewelry with a matte silk satin touch on the surface. Therefore, we recommend that you polish the gold surface only when it gets dirty, as frequent polishing will cause the finish to lose its texture and turn to a dull luster.

When cleaning the surface, wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth such as chamois leather.

Items without gemstones or with diamonds only can also be soaked and washed with warm water and a mild detergent.

Soak the jewelry in lukewarm water of about 40°C (104°F) with a moderate amount of neutral detergent, and after about 5 minutes, the dirt will rise to the surface. Then, rinse the jewelry well under running water from the faucet.

2) Products with pearls, coral, or turquoise

Pearl, coral, and turquoise are very delicate materials. In particular, the acid contained in perspiration may alter the surface or discolor them.

We recommend that you wipe off sweat as soon as possible.

3) Products with gemstones

With the exception of diamonds and a few other gemstones, most gemstones are very delicate. When stains adhere to them, please wipe them off gently with a soft cloth. However, please refrain from cleaning at home.

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