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"The Sixth Night" derives from "Yumejuya" (Ten Dreaming Nights), which was written by Soseki Natsume.
He is one of the most famous Japanese novelists of the Meiji era.

In the sixth episode from "Yumejuya," Unkei, a Japanese sculptor carved a wooden Niō statue – Niō is one of the guardians of the Buddha – with his chisel and mallet without any hesitation.
"All he does is just dig out the eyebrows and nose already buried in the wood," an onlooker expressed his admiration.
We are so impressed by this phrase as creators because we have made our products with the principle that "we just liberate things that are invisible but definitely exist."

We hope that muska's jewelry made under this principle can find their way to wearers here.

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About muska

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In the embrace of grand and graceful nature,
people lead a harmonious life with prayers.

From the impression the designer received from her journey in Turkey, she named her jewelry brand "muska."
Muska jewelry, meaning "an amulet" in Turkish, are infused with the hope that "they may be a little partner for the wearers."
All the pieces are elaborately created and borrow motifs from nature, myths and folktales.
We wish that every piece of muska you encounter will bring a sense of comfort in your life, and spend delightful time with you.

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Designer Yuka Tanaka

Born and raised in Hiroshima.
After graduated from the School of Letters, Arts, and Science from Waseda University, she learned Japanese traditional metalwork.
In 2012, she started a jewelry brand muska. In 2018, she established The Sixth Night Inc.
Her creation is based on "the beauty" that has passed down since ancient times, which she breaks into modern decorations to fit the present world.
Since 2017, she has expanded her creation to garment and costume design.
Yoga and meditation are parts of her daily routine.