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"doğa" Oregon sunstone ring (Bi-color Green)

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The one-of-a-kind collection from "doğa" is made with gemstones that have individual beauties created by nature.

This ring is made with an Oregon Sunstone from the United States, which has a rich color and high quality only possible by purchasing directly from a local jeweler who owns their mine.

This gemstone is mined in the southeastern part of Oregon, a state with diverse landscapes from coasts to forests, volcanoes, and deserts, and it is said that indigenous people were the first miners of this.
According to their legend, the great warriors' blood dripped onto the Oregon Sunstone, giving it sacred power.

The word "sunstone" conjures up a red hue, but deep green color and bi-colors of red and green, which are very rare to find, are also highly prized.
The bezel setting covers only the gemstone's girdle, and it allows light to fully penetrate the stone and reveal its true hue and brilliance.

Cut into a triangle, a symbol of stability and truth, this Oregon Sunstone exudes a somewhat mystical atmosphere.

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- Ring size: JP 12 (can be changed from 9 to 15)
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18kYG, Oregon Sunstone (1.08ct)

【Head】Width 8.2mm, Thickness 5.2mm

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